The Infrastructure And Facilities

Annapurna Hing Private Limited has one primary production and packing unit facility in Ahmedabad.

Our Manufacturing Unit at Naz-pirana Road, Jetalpur, Ahmedabad, measures 12,000sq. It has sophisticated and futuristic machinery to provide the precise, desired quantities while preserving the aroma of asafoetida. We have an in-house lab to verify the chemical composition of our product against the FSSAI requirements.

At Annapurna we strive to maintain quality and adhere to stringent hygiene standards. Strict measures are taken to avoid any physical or chemical contamination.

Unit consists of machines to aid production. Powder is processed first through a sigma mixture, after which it is put through a Hammer Mill and finally a sieve. Gum Arabic, flour are added to the mix in the process. An emulsified liquid is then Dehydrated and packed into 50kg bags. Asafoetida is further differentiated as per units i.e. packed into 50g, 100g,200g and 500g bottles.

Our products are processed solely through machines for uniformity and to meet the rising demands of the Markets.