The legacy of Annapurna Hing Private Limited

Annapurna Hing Private Limited was started in 1970 by Shri Manilal M. Shah. At that time the company exclusively dealt in ‘Powder’ of Hing (Asafoetida) that was prepared manually by workers employed by the company. At the time, no sophisticated machinery was used. Goods were prepared by churning products by hand.

Sale of ‘Annapurna Hing Private Limited’ Asafoetida initially started in Ahmedabad, after which it spread to Domestic market today.

The evolution of a busier lifestyle where women had no time to dry and grind the lumps to get the perfect powdered texture, we wished to provide our customers with just the right product which would provide the same taste without effort or delay.

Steps to accomplish this were taken by Shri Manilal M. Shah Merchant with the introduction of Compounded Asafoetida in Powder Form in 1976 and with this, we also introduced the various size packing of Compounded Asafoetida which is seen in almost every household today.

After some years of stagnation, Sales finally rocketed after 1990’s with this intervention which seemed to have served the needs of every community, all over India. With powder adding flavor to Rasam and Sambar predominantly prepared in Ahmedabad, to the use of Powdered Asafoetida that is used in many products ranging from vegetables, to dals prepared in every household in India.

What separates Annapurna from other brands is that in the world of growing demand, commercialization and expansion, we believe in maintaining in purity and respecting the raw ingredient. We hope to continue to serve our consumers to the fullest of our abilities, maintain quality and consistency in our goods and services.


‘Hing’ or ‘Asafoetida’ remains an integral part of Indian Cuisine, Culture and heritage. Today, our product is available in so many markets overseas.